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Titanium TWF2 is a digital watch face for wear os by Titanium WF

     Watch face features;


- 9 Color selection
- Steps counts
- Heart Rate (tap to measure heart rate)
- Distance data as Km or Mph (if UK or US English selected it shows mph, if other languages selected it shows the data as km)
- Battery bar
- Moon phase
- 12/24h time 
- Day and Date
- Unread message count
- Multilingual
- Customizable fields 
- App shortcut

To Customize:
1 - Touch and hold display
2 - Tap on customize option


Preset App Shortcuts:
- Measure HR
- Battery info
- Set Alarm
- Calendar


if you see message; Your devices are not compatible, use Play Store on WEB browser instead of app on phone to install this watch face.

Make sure you have enabled all permissions from Settings, Applications, Permissions.

The heart rate is not automatically updates. Initially starts with zero value.
Measure heart rate display only shows last update information when tapped.

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